am i even a one direction fan anymore??

Selling 1D Where We Are ticket for Aug. 24 @ AT&T stadium

I can’t attend the concert but I have a single ticket, message me if you’re interested.

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Louis’ done face is so important to me. Like he just shuts down and he just looks around with annoyed glance and then he puffs his cheeks and blows and his eyes go wide and then he shakes his head. I love it so much. It gives me life.



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audio recording of Zayn Malik on the phone with two underage fans on their way to the hotel telling them how to get through security and get upstairs to his and Harry’s room.

Girls: “Tell Harry he needs to wait”
Zayn: “Harry, uh, if he wants booty, he has to wait.

Knock knock.
Turin, Italy. July 6, 2014 x


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↳ anonymous asked: michael’s smile or luke’s smile